当你完成VyprVPN的账户注册(完成VyPrVPN套餐购买)后,登陆VyPrVPN网站后台,官方会提醒你,你的账户目前处于不可用状态,需要经过VyprVPN对账户的审查(Golden Frog account is locked and services are unavailable for the following reason: Pending fraud review. Contact Golden Frog technical support if you require assistance.)。


Thanks for signing up with Golden Frog! We need more information from you before we can activate your Golden Frog account.

For your protection, we perform several security checks to verify payment methods are being used by their rightful owners. One of our security checks flagged your payment method for additional review. Before you can start using your Golden Frog account, simply reply to this email or email support@goldenfrog.com with your answers to the following questions:

  • 1. Location at the time of signup (City).
  • 2. The name of the bank or financial institution that issued the payment method.
  • 3. The last four digits of your credit card number, or the email address associated with the Paypal account (depending on your method of payment).

We apologize for this delay in registering your Golden Frog account, but we take security issues very seriously and your answers help us prevent fraudulent activity. Your payment method will not be billed until we receive your answers and activate your account.

Thanks for choosing Golden Frog!

Golden Frog Support


Hello, I have bought a VyprVPN account with [your email address], but why I can’t use it? I was told that Golden Frog account is locked and services are unavailable for the following reason: Pending fraud review. Contact Golden Frog technical support if you require assistance. Can you help me solve this problem?



  • 1.Guangdong, China. [请替换为你的注册账户登录的英文地点名称,如果你不确定,你可以通过What’s My IP获取网络地址信息]
  • 2.I paid with PayPal. [如果你使用的是PayPal账户,就写PayPal即可;如果你使用的是信用卡,则写信用卡所属银行的英文名称,你可以查看该文档找到你的银行英文名称或者登陆银行官网查看]
  • 3.It’s Your PayPal Account. [请替换成你的PayPal邮箱地址,如果你使用信用卡支付,则填写你的信用卡卡号]

Regards, Your Name [此处换成你的姓名拼音或者英文名]


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